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Today at Kelly’s Korner is show us your kid’s names. I thought I would enter this one because we have plenty of names at our house!

 When we found out we were pregnant with our  first child, a boy, John really wanted to name him after a wonderful man of God that he grew up with. He was his spiritual mentor and wanted to honor him this way. Clarence Bland Breeding aka “CB” was his name and I just couldn’t name a sweet baby that! Sooo..we compromised and made his initials the same (CB). Dewey is a family name, and our boys are the 5th generation. John’s great-grandpa was Dewey, his grandfather was Roland Dewey, his dad is Michial Dewey and he is John Dewey. I really don’t like the name Dewey, so we agreed to use 2 names before the Dewey! Ha! So – our first son is Canaan Brooks Dewey. We when through all this again not 17 months after Brooks, and our second son is Wake Michial Dewey. Wake was John’s great-great grandpa’s name. He has always wanted to name a son Wake. Our agreement while we were dating was that if we had any kids, he could name the boys and I will name the girls. After 2 boys right back to back, I was afraid I would never get the chance to pick out a name! BUT..God heard my “plea” 🙂 and 16 months after Wake was born..Finley McCrae joined our family. My middle name is Lynn and I really thought I would use it, but I loved McCrae and the uniqueness of it. Finley, to be honest, came from Lisa Marie Presley. I was reading People magazine and saw where she named her twins Harper and Finley. Ha! 14 months after Fin was born, we welcomed John Bridge Dewey to the family. Loved LOVED the name Bridge and really couldn’t settle on a name to go with it. Thinking this is going to be our last child and he wouldn’t have a family name other than the Dewey, it just made sense to name him after John. We are blessed and love the 4 kids that God has given us, but if He chose to bless us with another little girl..Nola Lynn would *hopefully* be the name we pick. Ha!