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 Christmas 2005 was super special to Poppie (John’s dad). He had gone out and, like any good Poppie, bought Brooks his first Red Rider BB gun. He hid it, and when it was Brooks’ turn to open gifts he pulled it out from behind the couch. Poppies smile was unlike any I’ve ever seen. I really think it was the smile of a man who knew what he was doing was a no-no.

Brooks was 3 months old.


Anyhoo…fast forward to about a month ago. We were in the process of packing up and moving and John came across the BB gun. Knowing our boys and their tendency to gravitate towards the dangerous, he told me that he put the gun under the seat in his truck. I think he loaded it once we moved in the new house because the neighbors down the road have mean dogs that wander. Speculation on my part, but very much something he would do.

Get where I’m going with this yet?

Today, Wake comes in the living room bawling his little eyes out. He still has a boom boom (pacifier) and it was really hard to understand him.

“Bubba asdfjhtoinwetht in da asdfjlasdfj!” was what I heard at first.

“What are you saying wakey??”

“Bubba shot-ed me sdfjksdfj!”

Oh, crap.

“He did what?!”

“Bubba shot-ed me in da boobie!’

That’s right. Brooks shot him.. in the boobie… with a BB gun! John went to the garage to have a “talk” with Brooks, and I was on the couch consoling Wake.

I’m so thankful it was a BB gun and not a shotgun. I’m grateful it was his boobie and not his eye.  ( Never thought that I would type that sentence in my life!)  Brooks was so very upset about shooting Wake and I think his hiney hurt a little from the “talking” to with his daddy. I highly doubt he will be shooting people in the boobie ever again. Wake is fine and proudly showing his battle scar.

Shot his brother in the boobie…sigh….