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What do 2 screws, a Mongolian grill and the lid to a Pyrex dish all have in common?

Pretty much nothing except for the fact they were given to me this weekend for Mother’s Day!

If a holiday happens to fall on a Sunday, it pretty much goes unnoticed at our house. John usually leaves for the church around 5am and it’s all I can do to make sure everyone at least has on pants by the time we get there for worship. Shoes…not so much. I think all of the kids have been barefoot for the past 3 weeks. Anywhoo. I digress. Since it’s so hectic on Sunday, John decided to celebrate on Friday and Saturday.

Wake, bless his little simple heart, came up to me on Friday with his hand behind his back and a huge smile.

“Happy Mudders Day Mom!!”

He handed me not 1 but 2 screws!

“Aw..thanks! But, um, where did you get these?”

“Outta da touebox!”

“Does dad know you were in there?”

“Umm..ahh..happy mudders day mom!”

So sweet and so in trouble! His little heart is so bent towards his mom and I love that. I still can’t figure out if he thought I was missing a couple of screws though… 🙂

Friday night John lined up a sitter and took me to the most amazing Mongolian grill ever! Golden Eagle is by far the best place to eat in the Boro. I had never been there so he was trying to explain the system and how to get the most out of your little bowl. For those of you who have no clue what I’m talking about..here goes..

You wait in line with your little silver mixing bowl like thing. When you make it to the front of the line there is a buffet style bar with every kind of meat and veggie known to man. You pack as much as you can into the bowl and then pick out your sauce and starch ( fried rice, steamed rice, brown rice, noodles, spiral pasta etc…) and hand it to the grill master. I wish I had taken a picture of the grill. It was amazing! A huge round stone thing and they cooked your food with sticks. It’s a process but so worth it. Some of the best food I’ve had in a while…

When we got back to the house all the kids were sleeping, so we just had the babysitter stay the night and hang with the kids in the morning. John and the boys served me breakfast in bed on a Pyrex lid because he couldn’t find anything resembling a serving tray in the kitchen. A little wobbly but super cute. Southern ingenuity at its finest!

Sunday was a sweet service and our deacons gave all the women flowers. Everything Wake found on the floor at church became another Mother’s Day gift..peppermint wrappers, bulletins, fuzz…

I had a great weekend and can’t wait for next year. I’ve already starting dropping hints at what I want 🙂