I teach high school girls sunday school at our church, and one of my girls asked me to do her hair for prom. If you know me, you know how freaking excited I was! I called my girlfriend Amanda and had her come over to hang out and help me.

Amanda and I are back in my bathroom with Kayla fixing her hair. It suprisingly looked awesome and I was getting started on her makeup. Amanda goes to the living room to check on the kids and comes back in laughcrying. ( only mom’s understand that word) She hands me a handfull of blonde hair.

I. Freak. Out.

Apparently kitchen scissors have more uses than just cutting broccoli bags open. Or trimming meat. Or cutting a paper plate in half to use it as a dust pan when you can’t find one.

Emmerson ( Amanda’s daughter), Finley and Wake all come running in proudly showing off their new “haircuts”. Wake really has no future in the beauty industry. Love his heart, but have mercy. He cut a chunk out of the front of his head..cut Emme’s ponytail off ( and the girl was totally rocking a side pony ) and did a bang up job on Fin’s bangs.

Yeah I know he is in a pink camo shirt. Somethings you just don’t fight.

I don’t really have a good picture of Fin, so for the purposes of this post, we are just going with Wake. Bless his little heart. I love the kid to death but he really did it up right this time. John said that he was going to have to shave his head to even it out and I stupidly agreed to let him do it.

I forgot that it was Easter week.

I also forgot Wake has a kinda ugly head.

 Again, bless his little heart. He takes after his dad 🙂

The pink camo pj’s might be the death of me. The boy loves pink. Help me Jesus!

After many *small* tears were shed by mama in the private-ness of the hallway…Wake was super proud to show off the finished product!

Emme got a haircut by the fantastic Ms. Tammy and looks like the precious little girl that she is. Fin, well..there wasn’t much a haircut could do to help her, so she is going to be trying to start a new “weed-eater” trend.

Oh, and Kayla? Her hair and makeup looked fantastic…athanya! 🙂