I once made the mistake of mentioning to John that there was a whole store devoted to storage and organization 3 hours south of us. As soon as the words “Container Store” came out of my mouth, he was literally planning the next trip to Atlanta. He loves organization.

We are a perfect match, he and I . 

My name is Jessica and I am a compulsive organizer!

My sister probably just had a stroke. Or spewed her drink everywhere. Possibly both.

I have always been the most un-organized person. It is still very much a struggle for me. I convinced John that an iphone would help me stay on track of things, but who am I kidding! The only thing it has helped me do is pass the dang level 17 on Angry Birds!

You know the mom that brings cute little individually wrapped snacks to her kids class at school? Yeah – not that mom. The mom that always knows where the backpacks and diaper bags are? Still not that mom. And I definitely am not the mom who knows where the matching shoe is. You are pretty much out of luck if it’s not in the shoe basket by the back door. I once spent the whole morning crying in my closet because I forgot Brooks’ class Christmas party. I even signed up for food. (must have been a moment of weakness) John ran down to the store to get the gross bakery cupcakes and high tail it back to school before the party was over. I couldn’t get ready in time because I was looking for my other shoe. 

Sure, I have moments of organization. The towels are always thrown in the same place in the bathroom. The diapers are on the same cart in the kitchen. The clean underwear is usually always on the kitchen couch. (story for another day!) There IS a method to my madness. THe problem however is that I am the only one that knows that method. 

I really think John has a mini heart attack every time he is home alone with the kids. He has no clue where the wipes are, or where the awesome green snot sucker ball is. Heaven forbid any of the kids need a band-aid! My mother-in-love gave me this cart thing that I totally made fun of and swore I would never use, and it has become the diaper caddy. I am now proud of that thing because, A.) it only has diapers on it and, B.) John knows where it is!

 I read magazines and blogs that have helpful hints on where to store things and how to neatly arrange your junk. I reeeeally want the Southern Living house with everything in its rightful place. A pantry that you don’t have to wade thru the canned goods to get to the spaghetti. And for the love…a silverware drawer that didn’t require you get stitches every time you open it! Or how about a car that actually looks like a place you would want to set your hiney down in and not be afraid of a possum gnawing your foot off?!

Clearly I have issues with organizing and cleaning. I’m a big enough girl to admit that.

But, until I’m ready to actually do something about that area of ineptness in my life….call before you come over and I will move the mountain of laundry on the kitchen couch, throw the mis-matched shoes in the shoe basket and whisper a prayer for your soul if you dare to brave the bathroom.