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It’s very rare that I wake up to a quiet house. This was one of those  mornings, and I was fully enjoying it…until I realized that it was 7:30 and school had already started! I totally blame the rain for this one. Entirely too peaceful and I’m pretty sure that some lightning somewhere zapped the alarm app on my phone. Just sayin..

Instead of having to wake a soundly sleeping Brooks and scare the office people at the school with my sleep attire, I decided that today was “mental health” day. My mom in love invented this term and I’m afraid I might be a little close to abusing it! 🙂 So, since we had an unexpected day off and it was raining..what could possibly be better than playing in the mud puddles!?! You’re only little once and today happened to be a day that the oldest 3 kids were semi getting along. Plus – I need the points towards my mom of the year award. I’ve been seriously lacking in the fun dept lately.

Everybody needs a tutorial on “the claw” at some point in their life. Today was Wake’s day.

After they got tired of the mud, it was time for a serious bath! I wish I would’ve taken a picture of the bath water…so gross!

My house is quiet again. The littles are napping and the older boys are watching cartoons. This momma is going to go enjoy some coffee and fold my never-ending mountain of laundry.