Today I became a victim of social media.

This picture got me temporarily locked out of Facebook. ARE YOU FREAKIN KIDDING ME?!? Someone, that is on my friends list, reported this picture and they shut me down. Now I am all for removing inappropriate content on Facebook. And let me tell ya – there is some scary stuff on there! Unless something changes in the next 10 years, my kids will NOT have a FB. There is too much trash and just plain weird stuff going on over there.

 Little boys cute hineys are considered nudity in the world that we live in. I don’t like it but I can accept it. What I cannot accept is the fact that young girls can take pictures of themselves in front of the mirror, in their bathroom, with barely any clothes on. Or that grown women will put pictures of themselves online, showing their “fantastic” night out with alcohol, cigarettes and men that aren’t their husband. We have a double standard in our society right now and it is driving me crazy! Sex, drugs and homosexuality are shoved into our faces on a regular basis and we have very little power to stop it. Facebook, tv, twitter, blogs, friends, magazines, tumblr, name it, it’s all over it. I can’t log on to FB without some sort of message about “looking for a good time tonight?” or “hot chicks in your area” or “would you date a married man?”  Did I sign up for those notices? Heck no! Are they still there? Yes. Can I flag them for inappropriate content? Not at all.

My husband is a pastor. I am very aware of that position and the fact that our family lives in a fishbowl.  I do not post on FB often because people love to misconstrued what I am saying and turn it into a major event. I have been harassed and attacked for things that were never worthy of even a second glance.  I have enjoyed connecting with friends and family over FB. I love getting to see pictures of friends kids and watch them grow up, even if it’s via internet. But somewhere along the line, FB has turned into a gigantic gossip chain and sadly I have participated in it. I would be lying if I said I didn’t get a rush whenever I’m the first to know something juicy that I found out thru FB. I am ashamed even typing that sentence out! I have found myself becoming more and more like a little junior high school girl and less and less like the woman of God I am professing to be. Shame on me! Do I think that FB itself is evil? Hardly. But, just like everything else it seems, it has become a tool for Satan to seek and devour people thru. I refuse to sit by and watch myself being held bondage by it! I will be taking a break from FB. Not because someone hurt my feelings by not liking my picture; but because I have become so wrapped up in knowing everyone else’s business that I ignore my own. I was more concerned about everyone seeing a cute picture of my kids than my kids feelings when they see the picture 10 years from now. Or when someone tells them about it at church tomorrow. Because we all know how people like to talk 🙂