Y’all, I love my kids. 5 different personalities make for some very interesting days around here. And by very interesting, I mean totally insane.

Here is a peek at the last 4 days…

Brooks is asleep on the roof of the playhouse and wake is drawing with chalk. The gnarly straw pile is for the horse. Because all good plastic equine owners need straw.

I never know what Wake is going to be wearing when he gets up from his nap. Today, it was Bridge’s onesie. Awesome.

Brooks was supposed to be resting in our bed. I peeked in on him to check, and he had made a hanger chain from the top on the window to the floor.  

So thankful for the rain. It was much needed. The bathtub however? I don’t think it will ever be clean again.


My sweet babies. This was before John Bridge about took off Loch’s head with the broom. Cause nothing says brotherly love more than a broom to the head.

Brooks loves to take pictures using this app. I never know what he has taken till I load the pictures on the computer. He’s sneaky that way. So very flattering 🙂

House of Fin strikes again. I wash more clothes that I ever thought possible because of her. Bless her little style challenged heart!


I think I need to do a “Our day from start to finish..” post. You people wouldn’t believe all the awesome-ness that happens in our house!