I’ve been putting off telling this.




Not because I’m afraid mind you.




But because it is such a huge thing.




And it deserves a huge announcement.




I’m kinda stalling, because of the awesome-ness.




You might have already guessed it.




Of all the announcements I’ve made in the last 6 years, this one might be in the top 6.




The little boys and girls at my house aren’t near as excited as the big boy and I are.




You see, they are used to announcements.




They have been getting one big one almost every year.




Kinda about this same time.




Have I mentioned that my kids are all 5 and under?




That still takes my sanity away sometimes.




It’s hard to wrap my brain around the fact that I have 5 kids.




Oh, and now we have a stray cat that has been coming around.





They love having a pet.




Again, I’m stalling because now I’m nervous about announcing.








Ok fine.




Yesterday I found out…












Love fresh mozzarella and garden tomotoes with oil and vinegar on it.




It’s really good. You need to try it.




Oh, and I really craved my own ice while I was on vacation.




I think that makes me weird.




But then again, having 5 kids is a little weird and radical.




I have never been one to really care what other people think.




Mad at me yet?! 🙂




Where was i?




Oh yeah…



















can run 2 miles without dying!!!!