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How do you even begin to sum up 7 years of marriage?

2555 days. 5 houses. 2 states. 61,152 minutes. 5 kids. 7 cars. 3 dogs. 1 hamster. 20,384 diapers. 6 job changes. 4 ER visits. 2 NICU stays. 1 bb to the boobie. 2 trips to florida. 3 dead vacuums. 1 tornado. 2 lost wedding bands. 4 years of kids camp. 1 “ginormous” kidney stone.

What a wild ride we are on! I never in a million years would’ve thought we would be where we are today. I didn’t even think I would be married – let alone a mom to 5 kids! I vividly remember seeing you on the stage in Faust Hall and thinking “Man..I would so marry him if he wasn’t gay” ( there was some question for me because you always dressed nice and smelled amazing. Guys just didn’t do that in the music dept unless they were..you know..:-)) You had a fantastic voice and a commanding presence about you, and I knew that you were an important guy. When you told me that you sang for a group and traveled across the US, I knew you were rollin in the dough! Ha! So far from the truth 🙂

The next 6 months are kind of a blur. Not because they weren’t important enough to remember, but because we literally spent every moment together we could. I spent more money calling you from Europe that I did on the whole trip! I thought I would *die* not being able to see you for 3 weeks. Oh, how God has a sense of humor!

Our wedding was beautiful and very VERY well attended. You sang to me and I couldn’t look at you because I knew I would start bawling. I also remember being afraid of what your guys would do during the service! The start to our honeymoon was eventful to say the least – driving an extra 7+ hours right after a wedding was not my idea of fun, but you were gracious and let me sleep the whole way.

When I look back on our first year I can’t help but smile and laugh. I thought I had it all together! You were gone more than you were home, and I was trying to find my place in your hometown. That was such a hard time for me. I had very few friends and was surrounded by all of your family. I didn’t know that God was preparing my heart to be moved across country! Our first anniversary trip was to Nashville and neither one of us had any idea that we would be moving there. Love how God works!

Fast forward 6 years and 5 kids later..




John Bridge


When Loch was first admitted to the NICU, I tried so very hard to not let everyone know how upset I was. I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that God was in control and working all things together for His good, but it still hurt. It wasn’t until that night that the Dr came in and asked to talk to us, that I started breaking. I looked at you and saw you crying and knew that it was more serious that we thought. It never dawned on me that we could really be losing our baby. After she left, and you wrapped me in your arms, I realized that I didn’t want to walk this journey with anyone but you. Your gift of faith is so amazing and I coveted it in that moment.

You are an amazing father to our kids! Your patience is unending, you love without condition, you discipline with grace and show them Jesus. What more could a girl ask for?!   

I love dancing thru this minefield with you.

I love you more today than I did yesterday..and will love you more tomorrow than I did today.

Thank you for choosing to love me. And our crazy children.