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I think it’s pretty safe to assume that I’m in love with my phone. I wish I wasn’t, but it’s like we were meant to be together. Who ever came up with apps for everything is a genius. Genius I tell ya! I have an app for my bank..facebook..twitter..pinterest..email..car insurance..blog..skype..electric bill..water bill..jimmy johns :-)..groupon..and the most important – an app that tracks my weight loss. The latter is password protected out the wazoo! John can’t even get into that one!

Last week I made a simple run to the Krogers. It was around 11pm. A couple of the youth girls, who I would love to permanently adopt, were at the house watching the kids and decided to spend the night. I took advantage of that opportunity to run get formula and kitty litter. I stopped by and got my girl Melody on the way so we could hang out and chat.

We quickly got our needed items at the store and then went thru the self checkout lane. I really hate those things. It almost feels like whoever is behind me is subconsciously rushing me. I inevitably end up needing the cashiers help with something lame and always hear sighs from whoever is behind me. This night was pretty smooth though, and I was elated that it didn’t take an act of congress to get out of the store.

Melody and I then drove back to her house to drop her off and when I pulled into the driveway, I went to reach for my phone to warn the girls that I was headed home.

Quick sidenote – my mother in love has always kept her phone in her “pocket”. It was a source for many discussions with John before we got married. “I mean really John! Who the heck keeps their phone in their boobs?! Not only is it gross, but anytime that I have had to borrow it..it’s WARM!!! I will NEVER put my phone there. Mark my words!” I need to devote a whole post to how much crow I have eaten in the last 7 years. It’s ridiculous. Long story kinda shorter – I now keep my phone in it’s “pocket”. Try it sometime. Really is handy.

Anyway. My phone wasn’t where it should have been. Melody and I looked all over the car. Our inside lights are wacky and don’t work right now, so we are searching only by the light of the little mirrors above the visors. Cause that’s how we Tidwell’s roll.

Couldn’t find it. I start breathing a little heavier and faster.

We drive back to Kroger and retrace our steps in the parking lot and in the store. Nothing.

Turns out all the night workers are night shift for a reason. Very unhelpful and sorta rude.

We get back in the car and drive to Melody’s house again. Look in her driveway and literally scour the car. I vaguely remember her saying something about how clean the car was for someone who had as many kids as I do. ( Thank you bestie Allison for getting rid of the moldy pancake and who knows what else from the backseat. You always make me look good :-))

Melody leaves and I head back to the house. I was freaking out at this point..mostly because I had to face John and tell him that I lost my iphone.

I walk in the front door and see him sitting on the couch.

” I went to Kroger (sniff) and got formula and kitty litter (sniff) and lost my phone (wahhhh)!”

“You did what?!”

“Please just come with me and look for it again. (sniff sniff) The Kroger people were rude to me and wouldn’t help me look. It’s not like I left it there on purpose. ”

‘”Seriously babe?! You lost your phone?”

“John please!!!!!”

I think he kinda felt sorry for me because I really was a hot mess at that point. I was sweating from being outside looking for it and my eyes were all red and puffy from crying.  We loaded back up and went back to the Krogers. The whole way there it hit me that I have over 1,200 pictures of the kids and about 25 videos. Not to mention all my account info for everything and all my sermon notes and and and….I started freaking out all over again.

PSA : always sync your phone when you have the chance. Turns out it’s for times like this.

We look all over the store again and still no phone. I call ATT and see if it has been used in the last hour. The “super friendly” Lisa ( there was no way she was from the US. She had to have been from Malasyia.) I could barely understand her) informed me that my phone had been suspended from service about 1o minutes prior. I told her very politely (ha) that there was no way I authorized that suspension.

“how could they suspend my phone? My whole account is password protected!”

“Mam, I ‘m sorry but it is suspended.”

“I understand that Ms Titwell ( I’m mean really. How hard is it to say Tidwell?!) but it has been suspended”

“So you’re telling me that whoever suspended my account had to have known not only my password but my social security number as well?”

“Not your whole number Ms. Titwell. Just the last 4 digits.”

“Are you kidding me right now?! You really think that saying they only used the last 4 digits is making this any more awesome of a situation? I’m going to need you to turn my phone back on right now.”

“Yes Ms Titwell. Anything else I can do for you tonight?”

Suffice it to say, ATT night people are about as fantastic as Kroger night people.

We went to the church and got online to try and track my phone. It tracked it to a neighborhood across the street from Kroger. I then called the police who met me at the store and did an incident report. We told him the address that the phone was tracking to and he said he would check into it. Very very nice man. So thankful for polite and helpful law enforcement guys.

John decided to get all Colombo and go look for the phone himself. I was thankful that our life insurance premium was paid up because I totally knew I was going to have to use it. The neighborhood was less than desirable. But, we never saw anyone outside their house to ask about the phone and I sure wasn’t about to let him go knock on the door. Raising 5 kids by myself really isn’t on my list of things to do. And what guy in his right mind would want to marry into a ready-made family with 5 kids?! I mean seriously.

We chalked it up to a lesson learned and headed back to the house. I had to change all my passwords to everything and literally sobbed for a good 2 hours over the pictures I would never get back of the kids. It was a rough night.

About 6:30 the next morning, I got a phone call from the policeman that helped us the night before.

“Miss Tidwell ( God Bless America!) I have a number for you to call from a woman who said she found your phone.”

“Are you kidding me?!”

“No mam I am not. Give her a call and make sure it is yours.”

Holy freakin cow. I sat in the closet and just stared at John’s phone. It started ringing again.


“Yes mam”

“This is Patty Moore. Sorry to call you so early, but my daughter in law said that she thinks she has your cell phone.”

“Your daughter in law? I just got off the phone with the police who said that someone called them and said they had my phone. Is that the same person?”

“Yes. She said that my son woke her up this morning and told her that there was a phone on the hood of her car and that she needed to go get it. They were looking at the screen and saw a picture of a family with 5 kids and knew that it had to be y’all. They have visited our church and remembered that you guys had a lot of kids. She called me and described them to me over the phone and I knew it was yours.”

I met up with her daughter in law later that morning and sure enough it was my phone. There is no denying all the little faces on the screen 🙂

The only thing we can come up with is that whoever stole my phone had tried to break into her car in a totally different neighborhood and left my phone on the hood. Thankfully they were scared away before they could do any damage to her car.

Only God could orchestrate a story like that. Out of the 200,000+ people in Murfreesboro, it was left on the hood of a car that had direct ties to our church. Nothing was erased or broken into! John thinks that when whoever had it tried to figure out my password and used the wrong one so many times that the phone itself just shut down. Still not sure how ATT said it was suspended, unless the phone did that automatically to protect itself. Cause we all know that iphones have brains and feelings. Ha! 🙂

I am so thankful to have the pictures of my kids back and to know that nothing was compromised.

We really do serve an awesome God who cares about us….even when it seems like what we are hurting over is ridiculous. 🙂