Another House of Fin creation

John and I cleaned out the refrigerator. It took like 3 hours and an insane amount of cleaner. Pretty sure I had at least 7 science experiments growing in there!

This cracks me up. Brooks brought me a “flower” from when he was outside playing. The only bad thing about this picture is that you now know I have weeds taller than my son. It’s a shame really! He was so proud of it though. Love his heart 🙂

My little cinco. He is growing up so fast and looks nothing like the other kids. I can’t believe this is my baby! Someone stop time already!

Wake’s dinner attire. Bless his heart.

The boys were invited to their friend Jacob’s birthday party at a local bounce house. There were sweaty, stinky boys everywhere! My kids had a blast and I enjoyed getting to visit with the other moms.

John is going to kill me, but this is hysterical! He was showing off his pre hair-cut hair and the 3D Harry Potter glasses from the newest movie.  This alone might be the reason I married him 🙂

I am off to Linden Valley with my youth kids for the week. John will be a work at home dad for the next 4 days – y’all pray for him ok?!?! I’m pretty sure I am going to come home to an immaculate house and clean, polite children. A girl can dream right?? 🙂