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Things heard in my neck of the woods :

“I’m getting ready to go to a marry concert and her name is Heyjune and she lives in a very far land. She gots yellow hair, fat cheeks and she is almost like taller than my leg. And she had a brown face. I’ve got to go. She is almost here. Oh and we need white towels for a present and baby shoes. 100 towels. And a horse. We got 10 100 kitty cats and we got kids now. They jsut came out of moms tummy and we needa puppy.” – Wake

“Mom, I’m gonna be a cowboy when I grow up. And have a gun and say cowboy things like: Howdy pardners my name is Rex. ” – Brooks

” Finley literally hit me in the face with this! I either need to hit her back or spank her. Not sure which.” – Brooks

“Hey mom. When I was playing, God told me I could be a power ranger and that I would be bigger than you and thats really big!’ – Wake

“Jesus loves me and he died in a castle and he’s coming  to my town in 20 weeks” – Finley

“Uh mom..Bridgie is licking the plunger” – Brooks

“But I like almond milk and it makes my bones strong and my teeth not fall out cause if your teeth fall out you would have to suck on the gum and thats too much work.” – Wake

Because the grandparents will make a stink if I don’t at least have 1 picture on here, I found some from this week that were pretty cute.

This picture of Fin was too good not to post. I found her like this when I got up this morning. Sleeping on the living room rug with a football and the cat. Bless her little heart!

Such a sweetheart! Love him to pieces. Can’t believe how big he is getting. Makes me want another one…ha!!!!