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We had family pictures made again.

I mean really.

 Nothing brings out the worst in this momma than trying to find coordinating outfits and making sure all of the kids are relatively clean. Fortunately for me, my cousin is a fantastic photographer and agreed to tackle our family shots.

And by family, I mean the whole dang thing. At one point, there was even a dog thrown in the mix. ( I jokingly refer to said dog (lexi) as the grandog. I kinda think my parents love her more than my kids. She is way more well-behaved and that apparently carries a lot of weight in the grandkid world.) I am not going to post the giant family picture till my momma gives me permission. There is no way I’m going to be the reason the christmas card is leaked early. For those of you who know my mom..whew. You know how she gets about her christmas cards!

I was very proud of my kids. No one kicked each other, bit each other or peed in their pants. It’s really sad that this is what makes a good photo shoot.

See this?

This is what I was expecting out of the shoot. Or maybe this..

This made me laugh so hard!

Thankfully I have one really talented cousin and she can work some serious miracles.

So, without further ado…

If you are in need of a wedding/family/couple photographer in the OKC area, call Miranda Kitchen. She is exceptional and oh so very patient. Take a look at her wedding shots and you will see why she is one of the up and coming photographers. Fantastic! ( she didn’t ask me to say this and I would say it even if I didn’t love her :-))