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5 days.

In the Bahamas.

With me.

I’m gonna let you marinate on that for a bit.

I can’t think of a better way to spend a cold February, can you?!

I am the tenor singer and boss (don’t ask the other members) of Highway 96. About 2 years ago now, Ronnie Knight knew that God was birthing this dream in his heart. He had traveled and sang as a “much younger” guy and never really got the itch out of his system. He approached John about starting a group and it took off from there. I was asked to sing the tenor part and just being vulnerable here, I was terrified! I sang some in college and had taken voice lessons as a kid, but never really used it. I was trained classically and there isn’t really the need for opera singers in Lascassas Tn! Ha! John traveled and sang his whole life and was with a southern gospel group when I met him. We moved to Nashville so he could sing with a country gospel group and shortly after we moved here, he felt the call to pastor. All of this to say, in all my spare time, I get to travel and sing with a great group of guys that I love like my own. We have had several concerts locally and look forward to broadening our horizons, one of which included the BAHAMAS!! WOOHOO!!

We are singing on a cruise with several other groups you may have heard of : Master’s Voice, The Nelons, Three Bridges, Palmetto State Quartet and several others. We would love to have you join us!

And just to be honest here – I am only going for the midnight buffet and the 24 hour ice cream bar. A girl’s gotta keep her figure ya know!

We are flying out of Jacksonville, Fl and will be hitting Nassau and Half Moon Cay, February 4-9th 2012. This is the perfect way to use that income tax money that will be burning a hole in your pocket! I am already working on my swimsuit body and have been scouring the internets for something that resembles a tent with arms.

If you are needing a place to hang out, listen to some great music, enjoy the all you can eat buffets and play the “what is Jessica wearing today” or the “is John really wearing shorts”  game, then this is your chance! I can guarantee lots of laughs and maybe a spades game or two!

I am very much looking forward to this trip and hope you can join me!

Check out Paradise Tours and Travel for more info, click on The All American Gospel Music Cruise and come sail away with me!

*Oh and when you book your cabin, make sure you say you are sailing with Highway 96! Then send me a message and I will send you a personal thank you and maybe a cookie or 2. Or a kid. Whichever is easiest to ship at the time 🙂

And what kind of blogger would I be if I didn’t include at least 1 picture 🙂