Wake never ceases to surprise me with his clothing choices. Next time I need a wig for something, I am totally following his lead and wearing a grass skirt.

Fin has obviously been watching too much “Jersey shore”. I kid, but for reals…who dresses like this in real life?!

Sweetness on a rug. Enough said.

I had a brain malfunction on Thursday and wanted to see what it would be like to homeschool. I now have a bag of broken crayons and a half a book of preschool leaning pages that need to find a home.

I walked into the living room the other night to find John Bridge in the recliner, kicked back with a bowl of popcorn (that was mine) and the remote. He had turned on the tv and it happened to be on ESPN..which made his dad proud and me pretty irritated that the dreaded sports channel had claimed another one of my kin.

Today, I cleaned out the pantry which was beyond gross and made some salsa with fresh tomatoes that my neighbor gave me. The kids played in the water hose and I’m sure that the water bill this month is going to be astronomical. Finley didn’t sleep last night and I spend from 1-5am up with her…which meant no naps today. This momma is worn out! Off to feed my kids dinner in the bathtub and put their little hineys to bed. Happy Monday to me!