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This post should be entitled “why I’m the worst blogger ever”, but I think if I gave you a glimpse into my life over the last couple weeks, you would totally forgive me. It has been crazy around here. More so than usual. Brooks started school and I’ve been buying stock in waterproof mascara and Clorox wipes. Those are not synonymous with each other btw. John Bridge seems to have found an obsession with markers and Clorox wipes have been a lifesaver. Finley on the other hand..whew. That girl needs some serious girlfriend time. I found her behind the couch, painting her fingernails with the polish that I had just thrown away. Nothing says desperate like fishing nail polish out of a trash can. I mean really.

I have been working out like my life depends on it. It kinda does, but my sanity is way more important right now. And when Momma gets to watch an uninterrupted hour of trash tv at the gym…it’s a happy day. My Real Housewives of Beverly Hills started back up this week, so my DVR is officially smiling again. Pretty sure it thinks that it’s bi-polar though. Swamp People and Real Housewives. Keeping it classy in Lascassas y’all.

Loch is trying to crawl and it’s about to break my heart. My last baby. Gah! John takes great delight in making a ginormous deal out of it. I take delight in smearing my mascara on his shirt. It’s a win win for both of us.

Wake is going thru an identity crisis right now. Bless his heart! He spends way too much time at the house with Fin. Dress-up and nail polish are his fate everyday and it’s kinda freaking me out. He needs some manly manchilds to play with. You would think in a farming community that it wouldn’t be a problem to find said manchildren, but turns out it has been. Pray for me. And send mud covered, bug eating boys my way.

As soon as I sat down to write this, Finley decided to paint John Bridge on the forehead with the nail polish that I could’ve sworn I threw away again. But we all know that she isn’t above doing a little dumpster diving. I’m off to NOT use a magic eraser on his head, because turns out those can’t be used on human skin. It leaves nice little red welps. Not that I have tried this or anything. I just read about it somewhere. 🙂

Promise to catch you all up on the “adventures” that we have had lately.

Or at least I promise to try to not wait a month between posts.

Surely that won’t be über hard.

Yeah right.