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(I am not naive enough to think that everyone will believe my side of the story. That was the risk I weighed when I sat waiting in the police station. It isn’t easy being on the receiving end of some hurtful words..but I am thankful for a husband who never doubted and a handful of close friends who sat and cried with me, drove me to the police station and listened as I told horrible details over and over and opened their homes to us when we needed a safe place to stay. I will forever be grateful.)

I am overwhelmed by all the love and support. I have been reading your comments and crying over them. Thank you for lifting my family up during this time. You will never know this side of heaven how much it means to me.

During the “Great Life Crisis of 2011”, I went 5 weeks without seeing my kids. 5 weeks y’all! That is insane. It was really hard but it really helped to know that they were with grandparents who loved all the sweetness out of them. Loch started crawling and cut 2 teeth while they were down here and John Bridge gave Finley a black eye with a golf club. A real doozey. I’m sure she somehow deserved it. I caught her hitting John Bridge today and then when he pushed her back, she promptly threw her hands on her hips and yelled “MOM! John Bridgie pushed me an I didn’t do nuffin to him!”

Sure you didn’t sweetheart.

Anyway, I’m so glad things are starting to get back to some sort of normal.

John went and enrolled Brooks in school yesterday. I was a little apprehensive about him going to a new school where he didn’t know a soul, but John reassured me that most of the teachers are people he grew up with and that they would take good care of my biggest baby boy. I was probably supposed to be reassured by that comment, but I’ve met most of his childhood friends and they are OFF THE CHAIN. Like drive motorcycles into ponds, see if you can fit a grown human being into the tool box on the back of the truck, hid and scare each other in the funeral home and see who can swim across the city lake the fastest kind of people. You know. Quality individuals. (love you brian!) Brooks ended up with a sweetheart of a teacher and we already love her to death. She has 2 teenage boys herself and John’s mom used to babysit them. Nothing like family friends to keep your kids in line at school!

Wake and Finley have watched Tangled no more than 500 times since we have been here and they both know all the words to every song. They watched it twice yesterday. Wake has declared that “I want hair just like bepunzles!” Shoot me now.

(creepy eyed kids. love their little hearts)

Loch is wearing size 18 month clothes. He is huge! Biggest baby I’ve had yet. I am in complete denial about it. It’s so hard to think that unless God has other plans..he is my very last baby. Gah! I sometimes just sit and hold his little newborn onesies. I’m a hopeless case of sappy grandma in the making. My kids are going to hate to visit me in the home. “Oh my mercy. Y’all come over here and let me bore you to death with stories from your childhood. Half of which I making up on the spot because of the Great Life Crisis of 2011. Y’all don’t remember that time because you were too busy eating ice cream sandwiches for breakfast.” Good times.

(I’m already dreading watching Tangled again today.)

(It might have something to do with the fact that I’ve seen it 4 times in the last 48 hours.)

(It might just mysteriously get deleted off the DVR)


I am now off to try to download the new update for my iphone. I am probably the only person on the planet that has yet to take care of that. I am afraid of losing all my stuff though and the thought of being without my phone for 3 hours is enough to make me start shaking when I go to hook it up to the computer. If you drive by and see me rocking in the fetal position on the corner of the front porch, you will know that everything got wiped off my phone and my whole world came crashing down.

It would be in your best interest to just leave me there rocking.