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This weekend my sister had invited us to go to the OU/A&M game with her and her husband. I am NOT a football person. Poor John had to explain the whole game to me. It didn’t help that I have lost my glasses and all ability to see normal sized things. So when you put 75 little football guys on a field with a small brown ball..yeah I’m pretty much just going to have to be content to look at the people in front of me. (They had really “pretty” hair which helped.) I am stealing some of the pictures off my sis’ Facebook page cause she has a nice camera and loves to have her picture taken. I can’t stand having mine taken so the fact that I am even putting these online is a huge deal. HUGE.

I have a cute husband who loves me. He is pretty much the best thing that has even happened to me.

My bil is kinda like my dad when it comes to pictures. This was the only decent one out of about 7 that I took!

Ok so sorry in advance to any flag girls that read my blog, but have mercy! They weren’t exactly the image of flag perfection that I’m sure the coach wanted to portray. It was kinda a nightmare.

Freezing our hineys off! Thank goodness scarves are in right now, otherwise I would be the only idiot wearing a scarf wrapped 5 times around my neck. Oh and did you know that stadium hot chocolate is crazy expensive?! And you will have to wait in line for at least 30 minutes and miss 2 of the good plays (I don’t know the fancy names for them). By “you”…I totally mean John. Bless him. He waited in line for 2 different rounds of hot chocolate. They kept running out. That should tell you how stinking cold it was there. He is a good husband. Think I will keep him around for a while!

The Texas A&M band is fantastic! Poor OU Pride (or whatever they call them) had to follow their amazing show. It wouldn’t have mattered if the OU tubas were blowing fire out of their horns…still wouldn’t have topped A&M.

I felt like we had really good seats. Other than the fact that I-35 was right beside us. GROWN PEOPLE not being able to hold their bladders for more than 30 minutes is really annoying to me. Concerts, church and sporting events. I mean really!!!

And just because I think it’s cool. John took this picture as an effort to not be asked to take anymore, but it was so cool I think his plan backfired. Ha!

We had a great time. It was nice to get away for a while and not think about anything other than having fun and eating insane amounts of food. Weight loss countdown to the cruise is starting today, so I kinda went overboard a little on chips and salsa at The Mont. Which, speaking of, is a fantastic place in Norman that everyone needs to try at least once.

Ok well I am off to try some yummy looking recipes I found on The Pinterest. If they work out, I will do a post about it.