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Heading home from Breckenridge this morning. So appreciative for the time to “get away” and enjoy my family. It’s way more fun to hang out when your siblings are all adults. (well almost all of them) John and I didn’t ski this trip..I am way paranoid about breaking something or killing myself. I can’t do the whole mom with a broken leg bit right now! Plus, John is a fantastic dad but a not so hot replacement mom. I know he would be amazing in a pinch but I’d rather not test the waters on that one!
We just enjoyed getting to spend time together. Walking around and looking at the cute downtown tourist shops, people watching and playing cards. Very needed!
I had great intentions of taking lots of pictures but we all know that didn’t happen. I did manage to snap a couple good ones to at least prove that we were really there…





I am going to try and grab a couple hours of sleep before we get back to Oklahoma. I have a sneaky feeling that the kids are gonna be wired for sound when we get there. Something about becoming grandparents makes normal, rational adults do dumb things. Like giving kids ice cream sandwiches for breakfast, caramel “cough drops” and all the red colored pop they can find! Here’s hoping that I don’t have too much de-gramifying to do!