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I am nosey.
I crave knowledge.
I like to be the first to know things.
I gasp when I read things that shock me.
I text my husband as soon as I hear something juicy.
(admit it. You do too!)

But it was brought to my attention today that I do this with social media and not my Bible.

Major ouch.

John preached a message a while back that included this phrase –
“Our goal isn’t to have happy children, a happy marriage or a happy home. Our goal is to have HOLY children, a HOLY marriage and a HOLY home that points people to Christ.”
I am been neglecting my family, husband and myself because of my addiction to Facebook. (and consequently, gossip) This has been a huge pill for me to swallow and I’m disgusted with myself.

When did my desire for knowledge move from knowing more about my God to knowing all about my sister’s friends aunts cousins new baby?!

I desire for my children to know the Word inside and out but don’t hold myself to the same standard.
I want them to go to God first in everything, but I turn to my FB app as soon as I wake up and when I can’t sleep.
I can’t even take a picture of my kids without one of them saying “are you going to put that on Facebook?”!

I don’t want my smartphone to define me.
I don’t want my kids to remember me as a mom who always had a phone in her hands.
I don’t want my husband to dread my texts or phone calls because he is going to hear about FB drama.
I don’t want him to feel like he can’t confide in me without me telling the whole FB world about it.

I know myself well enough to know that drama somehow always finds me and that I don’t do enough to protect myself from it.
I don’t know my Bible well enough to be able to quote scripture like I can quote the latest relationship update from my friend list.

This is a major indictment on my character and it breaks my heart!

Pray for me that I will return to my first love (God) and become the wife and mom that I know He would be proud of.

* I am in NO way saying that FB is evil. I just became aware of it’s hold in my life and I want to break the chains that hold me captive!