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Day 1 of no Facebook and I am still alive! It was really hard when I woke up this morning to not have my people fix, but I deleted my FB app from my phone so I would be less tempted. I am still going to have my blog post to FB so my friends can read it from there, but if you comment on my post from FB I won’t be able to see it. (if you want me to see it, just add a comment to my actual blog post)

We finished up the revival last night and as a proud wife, John was awesome! He was obedient to the Lord and had some really powerful messages. I never thought I would marry a preacher and actually prayed against it, but obviously God had other ideas!
The people were super sweet and loved on us. I’m thankful for our time over there.
We ate at a little cafe in Sapulpa last night after the revival and I saw one of those quarter machines. You know the ones. They have janky keychains and bouncy balls.
But this one was different.
It was the best quarter machine I’ve ever seen.
I had the boys model my treasures and John and I literally laughed all night long.



I really think the mustache should make a comeback. I mean really! Who wouldn’t want to look like this all the time?!
I tried to get a picture of Loch wearing one, but he kept trying to eat it.
Apparently they taste as good as they look!