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You know the scene in Family Vacation where they pull up to Walley World and are stupid excited because they are the first ones there and do the Chariots of Fire run to get to the door? Only to be let down?

That was me yesterday when we pulled up to the ballfield and I didn’t see a concession stand. I had been promising the kids all day that we would get a hotdog and some nachos at the field. Who builds a field, a very nice field btw, and doesn’t make a food stand?!
Someone who doesn’t have 5 kids and forgot to feed them dinner before we left the house. That’s who.
There are 2 reasons to go to little league games. Nachos and free babysitting! There are lots of older siblings who come and play with my kids so I can enjoy said nachos in complete peace while pretending I know something about baseball. πŸ™‚

The Bristow Cubs had their first game of the season last night and even though there was a lack of ballpark food (I am sure there is something in the constitution about this. It’s not America without baseball and a hotdog)
the kids did amazing and we won! Brooks and Wake are on the same team this year and John is coaching it, which makes it very nice for our schedule!

The weather was perfect and the kids were adorable. There is nothing cuter than a little boy with a helmet bigger than he is running for his life.
Brooks hit a homerun and so did his new BFF Jackson. Wake was so happy to be there and ran his little heart out.


All in all it was a great first game and I attribute that to the fact that we were a.) sitting in the shade b.) the kids were cute c.) I “mysteriously” ended up with a Reese’s and d.) we won.