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I need help.

(Not like psychiatric help. Although, a week in a room by myself doesn’t sound too bad.)


I am helplessly addicted to Revenge. (the tv series. Not in general)

(I’m also addicted to these ( ). I feel like saying something in parentheses makes it sound like I’m using my telling a secret voice. And I like that voice)

Anyway. I stinking love this show! I found it on Hulu a couple weeks ago and have been catching up on it ever since. I watch it while I’m doing my make-up, which consequently is why I’ve been looking like a contestant on Survivor who didn’t think it thru very well and only brought deodorant. I’m sure the rest of the island appreciates not having to smell you but the camera isn’t very kind to your face and..well..let’s be honest. You should’ve brought concealer!

I watch it while I do dishes because we don’t have a dishwasher right now.

I watch it when the kids are taking naps and I’m supposed to be cleaning. A clean house can wait. Finding out whether Jack is going to jail for something he didnt do cannot.

I will admit that since my little FB hiatus I have scaled back on my Revenge. (which has everything nothing to do with the fact I ran out of episodes to watch.)
The FB break is going amazingly well btw. One week down and who knows how many more to go. It’s been hard but I’m alive and I’m sure way better off for not knowing what happened in the last week. Besides, my friends who know and love me have texted me with anything “important” I have missed!

I digress.

Anyway, with the stockpile of episodes having dwindled down to just one a week, I’m in need on something else to watch during nap time. Or when I’m in the car waiting on John. Cause that NEVER happens. Ha!

My time is valuable and shan’t be wasted on game shows and back episodes of Monk. (shan’t is a fun word I’ve been dying to use)
So help a girl out here a make some suggestions of good, quality programming I need to be watching!