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John and I went to the Tulsa Zoo with Wake’s pre-k class yesterday. The weather was absolutely perfect! 70 degrees and cloudy with a chance of QuikTrip green tea. (which is scientifically proven to make a person pee way more than just water. Or at least that’s what I’m telling myself. I went to the bathroom in the Penguin exhibit, the snake exhibit and at the front of the zoo. I recommend the one at the front.) A super sweet kid from his class walked around with our little family unit and I got to experience what it’s like to have a flaming redhead for a day. I think they have way more energy than a blonde or brown headed kid! I can’t prove it, but I at least know that I said his name no less than 439 times.
Wake absolutely loved the zoo! I think the elephants were his favorite animal. We rode the carousel and the train. The train is most definitely the way to go! You can see the whole zoo in 15 minutes. (Totally Bruce Bonar style)
Wake just HAD to have a giant swirly sucker and I needed to prove I was the cool mom. It’s amazing what $2 can do for you!


Wake was worn slick out and fell asleep on the ride home. Which is kinda rare for him. He likes to be right in the middle of what’s going on. Bless his heart!

When we got home, the older 2 boys had a baseball game. John Bridge was UPSET the first time the boys put on their uniforms because he didn’t have one! He thinks he is old enough to do everything the older boys do and it breaks his heart when he can’t. So, I dug around and found some things they had outgrown and made him a uniform. He was over the moon excited about it!


The boys lost their game but if the amount of candy and pickles was any indication of the fun they had…let’s just say they had a blast!
M&M’s and pickles. The dinner of champions.
And like any good champion, they carried their victory over into this morning and celebrated with pickles for breakfast. Cause I’m that kind of mom.
At least I didn’t feed them in the bathtub!