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Is it summer yet? Cause I’m really feeling like it is! We put the “pool” up and the kids have been doing their best to tear it up.


Poor Rufus! He is such a good sport and doesn’t mind all the extra love he gets from the kids. Or the food.
Last night, I fixed steak/broccoli/fried potatoes and corn on the cob. It was beautiful. The plates were colorful and it smelled like something out of a fancy restaurant. Which we will never get to go to. Mainly because of the kids. (and the fact that a babysitter for said kids would cost more than the meal) Anyways, I fixed dinner and set the table and the kids were so good about eating it. Until John left to use the restroom and I walked into our room to change my shirt.
We were gone less than 3 minutes.
3 dadgum minutes!!
We both walked into the kitchen to a full on food fight..complete with corn cobs flying and big brothers urging it on! Have you ever seen the episode on The Middle where the dad is always making really insane punishments and not following thru? Like “you are grounded until you are 36!” or “go to your room and don’t come out until you have grown a beard and 7 inches!”? Yeah. John turned into that guy. “Have you people lost your mind?! Do you think food grows on trees?! Your mother worked very hard to make that for you and you people don’t appreciate anything! I should be able to go pee for 2 minutes and not come back to a zoo. In my kitchen! Since you think we have enough food to waste…there will be NO EATING WHEN WE GET HOME FROM CHURCH!”
I stood there with the shocked mom face and am kinda ashamed to say that I was already planning their snack before bed. Because John is a very graceful dad. He usually lets the kids earn back trust and therefore allows them to have whatever he took away. Because honestly. No parent wants to see their kid upset. (except me. But I’m sadistic like that.)
Soooo..after many tears, my lack of pictures and feeding Rufus all the food they didn’t eat, we left for church. I had to explain to Miss Donna and all the other women that give my kids candy every single time they walk into church that they were being punished and couldn’t have anything. I think they were more upset than the kids!
( and because I’m that mom, I stopped and got a snow cone on the way because it was my one time I wasn’t “allowed” to share. And y’all. It was like a gift from God. A whole snow cone to myself!)
When we got home I fully expected to be giving the kids a snack because it had been 4 hours since they had eaten and in the words of Brooks “my belly is poor!”. BUT y’all. John stood his ground and they went to bed with out eating. It was epic! I’m so proud of him because there is no way I could’ve done it. They came up with all kinds of reasons why they needed to eat and some of them were really good. But he didn’t cave!
They all went to bed and fell asleep pretty quickly. I told John that he had to get up with any of them that woke up in the night complaining of starvation. Which no one did. Naturally. The one night he’s on kid duty and they all sleep. Typical.
Breakfast was a celebrated event this morning and I’m hoping they learned their lesson.
I am also hoping that Brooks and Wake don’t go to school and tell their teachers that we refused to feed them! I’ve heard stories about how they are cracking down on kids who are tardy and lets face it. We can’t be the parents that have tardy AND starving kids! πŸ™‚