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Remember when I let Brooks watch Where the Red Fern Grows and it scarred him for life?

Turns out I learned nothing from that.

John had men’s bible study last night so the kids and I ate dinner and then sat down to watch a movie. We have exhausted The Little Rascals, Tangled and Despicable Me, so that left Bambi.


I didn’t know that the kids had already seen the whole movie so I wasn’t prepared for what happened.

I’m sitting in the recliner and enjoying the fact that the house is quiet for all of 10 minutes when I realize that oh crap, Bambi’s mom dies in this stupid movie! I’m trying to figure out a way to prepare them when the scene comes on the tv.
(I have prided (is that even a word?) myself on NOT crying during Bambi. It’s even been a convo starter in regards to my dad..”yeah well, my dad cries on Bambi every.single.time.”)
So anyway. The dreaded scene is on and I’m already tearing up. The kids are staring at the tv and it is breaking my heart every time I hear Bambi yell for his mom. Sobbing over here.
Then, John Bridge, out of NOWHERE starts yelling “mom! Momma! Mommy! Where are you?! Mom!”
Brooks chimes in and says “dude. She got shot. That’s why she isn’t behind him.” Wake, in his 4 year old wisdom said “God was finished with her I guess”. I’m a bawling wreck and by this time Fin has noticed and comes and kisses me on the arm and says “how come you are crying mom? Is it cause Bambi’s mom didn’t hibernate and she got shotted?”(I didn’t even know she knew the word hibernate) John Bridge kept hollering for the momma and then laughing. (that’s his dad coming out in him.)
Oh my heart.
Obviously my movie judgement is several impaired. Who the heck forgets that Bambi’s mom gets shot?!?!
At least this one didn’t leave any of the kids in tears. Only my fragile, hormonal self. At what point did I turn into the old woman who cried at the drop of a hat?! Bambi’s mom dying, the stupid mothers day commercial with the mom and daughter at the cell phone store and when I unpacked a box of Loch’s old baby clothes. I need medication.

In other news, my kids are running around the living room with plastic hangers as bow’s and pretending to shoot Bambi. They are “hibernating” under the couch cushions and shooting the last one to hide. It’s like opening day of deer season up in here.


Today the boys have a make-up ball game and I have to vacuum for the 14th time this week. I am kinda in love with our new to me vacuum and when the lines on the carpet start to fade, it’s time to make new ones. I might need to be turned into that “addicted” show. At least I don’t sleep with my blowdryer!

Oh, and I’m in need of some paint color suggestions. My amazing sis and I painted the kitchen last weekend and I was in love with the color, but it’s starting to not be my favorite anymore. I went with a blue and for some reason it looks kinda country blue to me and that’s not acceptable. I hate picking paint! Ugh. So I welcome any and all suggestions!


P.s. – proof that I can’t leave Wake alone for 2 seconds. This outfit was totally his choice. Help me Jesus!