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2 things.

1. Standing room only for a pre-k graduation when wearing 5″ heels is slightly painful

and 2. I am having a serious affair with the sno cone stand.


Sweet Wake. He was so proud to graduate pre-k last night! There were lots of kids there and even more adults. By the time we got there (not that we were almost late or anything) it was standing room only. In the high school gym!! I have never seen such an eclectic mix of people in my life. I was semi dressed up, white pants and all and felt VERY over dressed. Apparently I didn’t get the bass pro t-shirt memo, or I did and John just “forgot” to tell me. (that never happens)
Either way, our little cheering section looked church ready. Wake, like any good baptist PK, dropped it like it’s hot during the alphabet rock song. His sweet personality and amazing hair? From me. His dance skills? His dad. All. Day. Long.


Wake loves his teacher Mrs. Todd and she has done so well with him. He learned way more than I could’ve ever taught him and is VERY ready to start kindergarten in the fall.


Our sweet little boy! When they called his name, they also announced that he wanted to be a gold Power Ranger when he grows up. We aim high at our house y’all! There were several that wanted to work at Wal-Mart, the Kum and Go gas station and McDonalds. I think a Power Ranger is way cooler than a greeter!

After the whole shindig, we went to get a celebratory sno cone from our amazing friends Big and Jess. They own the stand now and my kids think its awesome they can go to the back door. Heck, I think it’s awesome! I have always wanted to work at a sno cone stand and can’t wait till they need a vacation and I can take over for a couple days. (hint hint)
I ordered the Almond Joy cone with chocolate on top and it pretty much is amazing. It just might beat out “the Jes” which is blackberry birthday cake. And it may have been my second sno cone yesterday. I figure if I can replace a meal with a medium sized flavor fiesta in my mouth, I should be able to lose some serious weight!
I also don’t think it’s unreasonable to want to try every flavor. (except root beer cause that’s just nappy)
Wake ordered cotton candy (no surprise there), Brooks got pickle, which he then traded for ice cream flavored because he didn’t quite go for the sour and FinnyMac got cotton candy with a hint of screaming when mom gets out of her sight thrown in. She is in a really weird separation anxiety stage right now. I’ve never had a kid go through this and it’s exhausting! I literally can’t pee without her freaking the heck out. I’m lost on what to do!

Anyways, while we were at the stand, we remembered that it was one of John’s dearest friends birthdays. And there is this crazy story involving David Ray (the friend) and something to do with a peach biter. Not quite sure what all is involved there, but John and Big laughed about it for quite a while. Then John had to demonstrate the peach biter face. Which is funny even though I don’t know the whole story behind it!

(happy day late birthday David Ray!!)

My littles went home with my mom after the graduation and I’m headed to my mother in loves to help her clean out her closet. And maybe, just maybe, get a shower without having to listen to screaming from Finley because I’m behind a curtain and she can’t see me.
Cause a curtain is such a huge gulf that separates her from me.