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*thank you so much for all the encouraging texts/emails from yesterday. It overwhelmed me! I am so thankful to know I’m not alone in this!!

In 24 hours, I will be headed to Arkansas with our youth kids to go camping and float the river.


in a tent


Y’all. I’m scared to death!

I’ve never slept outside, let alone in a tent. I’m not exactly what they would call a “nature lover” and this is quite possibly my worst nightmare coming true.
My dad hates camping and promised me that we would never go. His exact words were “my idea of camping is a motel 6 with a black & white tv!” I didn’t have anything to worry about.

Until I married Mr. Outdoorsey.
(side note: I thought he was just a singer and good dresser. Not a preacher/funeral director/fisher/sleeper outsider/carnivore/Tombstone lover. All the things I don’t do or like. I deserve a medal πŸ™‚ )

I have managed to avoid camping like the plague until now. I don’t exactly know what happened other than John came home and told me I needed to go as a girl chaperone and that we were staying in a cabin and floating the river. It’s already pushing it for me to be in water that’s not chlorinated and where I can’t see my feet. I’ve seen enough Swamp People and River Monsters to know that normal river animal things aren’t usually what you find. It’s the never before seen 79 foot long snake that only eats preachers wives. Or the alligator that you can’t “choot” because it’s protected by a school of piranhas.
BUT….since my husband, who I trust with my life, said we were gonna be in a cabin, I was cool with it.

he just failed to mention the tent camping the night before

I don’t even know what to pack! Are there bathrooms? Do I need bleach to clean the bathrooms before we use them? Can I wash my hair? Is there a/c? Do I need sticks like the soon to be step mom in Parent Trap?!

I’m a flip flops at a rodeo kinda girl. I’m WAY out of my comfort zone on this one and it’s scaring the pants off me.

The kids are staying with my in loves until we get home and I’m very much looking forward to the mom break. (probably more than I should)

Sooooo if you think about it, pray for me that I’m not the one who gets eaten by anything strange and that I can actually relax enough to have fun. I’m seriously contemplating getting an iv of Prozac to take with me.
I kid. Kinda.

I guess if I can choose to love my kids I can choose to love camping. They aren’t that different from one another!