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I loved camping!

I had a great time and we stayed in a gorgeous place! The bathrooms were so clean and nice and my pool floatie mattress was almost as good as a temper pedic. (I did make a lot of noise when I rolled over though)
They made fun of me when I pulled out my veggie dogs to cook over the fire but thankfully it wasn’t near the ragging that I got for dressing up for spades night (apparently there is some unspoken rule that says you can’t wear your church clothes to spades night without everyone making fun of you. Stupid.)

Most of my pictures are on my camera still, but I took this one with my phone. The views were incredible!! Imagine waking up to this every single morning.


We had 1 of the youth kids get saved which was so awesome! That makes the bugs and 40* mornings totally worth it!

BTW – I think I’m the only person alive that can go camping and buy a new pair of shoes. We were driving thru Fayetteville AR and I just had to stop at RiffRaff because it would be a sin to be in the same town and not stop! Seriously the cutest store in the world. I’m in love!

We got home Saturday evening and loved all over our babies. I missed them!

Sunday morning church was awesome and we had 1 man get saved and another lady join the church! God is going amazing things at Trinity Bristow and I can’t wait to share all of it with y’all.

I am off to go make some juice and hopefully not die from the nastiness of it. We are starting a juice fast and the thought of mixing celery/kale/green apple and carrots together doesn’t make me smile.