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This week John, Loch and I are at kids camp w/our church kiddos. John is the co-director and camp pastor this year. Our dear friends Mich and Sandy are directors with him and I’m excited about getting to spend the week with them! It’s been years since we’ve all gotten together and it makes my heart happy to be here.

Every night we do a special event and tonight’s was super fun for me.
(mostly because it freaked John out)
We all know how he feels about snakes and tonight was snake night! It really shouldn’t make me happy when his face gets all flushed and he paces back and forth, but it does. He is rarely uncomfortable and it cracks me up!

So, needless to say, this picture is totally gonna get framed!


Johns face is priceless! The poor guy was NOT happy to be this close to the snake. I told him this was our Christmas card for this year!


You can’t tell how adorable my camp hair was. I’m talking runway cute! Ha!

Today we are taking the kids to the pool and I’m hoping to work on my tan some more. Cause what good is kids camp unless you come home darker than you went!


I got nominate for a cool blogger award by CoffeePoweredMom and I have to list 7 things about myself. Which is hard for me! So, I’m gonna work on it all week and post it when I get home. I’m crazy honored to be included and it totally made my day!