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This man.
How I love him!
(and the guys with him.)

Today is our 8th anniversary.


Not a huge number. Not a big present year. (I already checked on diamond and I’m gonna have to wait a while for that one)
But this year is extra special to me.
He choose me!
After everything we have been thru in the past 8 years, I still get to wake up next to a man who chooses every single day to extend me grace and mercy, love me unconditionally, show me Jesus and scratch my back almost every night before bed.
Blessed indeed.

5 kids.
3 cross country moves.
1 tornado.
2 NICU stays.
7 houses.
2 bouts with kidney stones.
9 jobs.
24,783 dirty diaper changes.
6 cars.
39 spades nights.
1 awful spray tan.

I am grateful for a man who not only stood beside me during one of the hardest times of our marriage, but wrapped me in his arms and said “I choose you!”.



(the pic on the top left is proof of a bad spray tan. Wow!)

I love you John Dewey.
Thank you.

I choose you.