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Today is John’s 35th birthday and I’ve been blessed to be with him for the last 9 of them!
It is also slightly unfair to have a birthday and anniversary in the same week and expect me to come up with 2 days worth of nice things to say about him. I totally understand why he planned it that way (so you wouldn’t forget our anniversary) but still! Soooooo…since I’ve already said all the wonderful things about him, I decided to show some of my favorite pictures of John.
These are all glimpses of why I love the man. Some for very obvious reasons but some just because they show glimpses into his character.

Like these?


Look at that face! Gah! So stinking adorable. And it turns out that I have 5 of my own at home that look just like him!




“Life is hard and loving people is messy, but greater is He that is in me than he that is in the world!”
– John Tidwell.

Happy 35th Birthday to a man who loves in the face of unreturned love, shows people Jesus, forgives easily, laughs often, smiles all the time, is eager and willing to help, works hard to provide for his family, worships freely and calls me “Leonard”.

I love you John Dewey!