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Dear Wake,

Today you are 5! How in the world is that possible?! You went from being this tiny little baby with big chocolate brown eyes, to a power rangers loving, fohawk wearing almost kindergartener!


You are so much fun Wake Michael. I love everything about you! You look at life thru a different lens than most, and I desperately want to protect that quality. You love to play just dance on the wii, the dress up box is your second home and you can be a hardcore army man in the backyard. There isn’t anything that you don’t love!


You are a great big brother. You love to help with the littles and I can always count on you! Finley is your best friend and I love to watch ya’ll play together. She adores you!

You make me laugh with all the crazy outfits you come up with! Oh, to live in your head for a day!
You had your first real year of baseball this year and you were so good. You played catcher and when it was your turn to bat and you hit it, you ran your little heart out! The helmet was too big for you and it was so cute to watch it flop around!


Your heart is softening towards Jesus and you have been asking lots of questions. I think it won’t be very long until you are not only my son, but my brother! God has awesome things in store for your life and I can’t wait to see how you live for Him!


Wake Michael Dewey Tidwell…I love you! I hope your 5th birthday is as amazing as you are. Your daddy and I pray for you every day that you would grow up to be the man God created you to be…and it seems like you are doing that way faster than I really want you to!!!

Happy birthday to my costume wearing, candy loving, dancing like there’s no one watching, mustache wearing, best hug giving 5 year old son!