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We are still on a journey.

God has allowed Satan to do his best to wreck my life and the life of my husband. But by His grace and mercy alone, we are still standing! Upright and with our hands extended high in worship! What man meant for evil, God has used for good!

In the course of all this, John and I have really made a conscious effort to not answer calls and texts from Tennessee. Not because we don’t love the people, but because the choice was made for us to no longer be their pastor.
We both have deleted most of the numbers out of our phones and have garnered a lot of healing just from that simple act.
Just because we have cell phones doesn’t meant that we are easily accessible. Our lives are spent investing in other people and our phones can become distractions. Neither one of us ignore or disregard your calls. We love and appreciate each and every single text and email! If you don’t hear from us immediately, trust that we are doing what God has called us to do and will try to get back with you as soon as we can. Loving on people is messy and time consuming!
We have been inundated with calls and we desperately want to sit down and visit with you all, but it just isn’t possible.
Not all our relationships are pastoral in nature and there were friendships that have been lost in the shuffle. But thru time and healing, we are praying that those relationships will be restored.
(Our extended families are not exempt from this and I hope you all know that we love you dearly)

God has placed us at Trinity Bristow and we are building relationships as quickly and passionately as we know how. This is our home church now and it takes time to get to know our new family and we are so blessed to get to know each and every one of them!

Thank you for loving us and being patient with us.

*please don’t take this as a “don’t ever contact us again” speech. Hear our hearts! We love you all so much! Just be patient with us when we are slow to respond.