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Brooks – “hey mom. When I have kids and if you’re still alive, will you make eggs for them? Cause you and Miss Paula make the bestest eggs ever!”

Dude. I better still be alive!

I got to thinking the other day. If Brokks gets married at the same age I did, and has kids at the same age, I’ll be a grandma at 41.
Holy cow!


My Works for Me Wednesday post today is about our breakfast routine. We obviously can’t eat every meal in the bathtub, so I’ve had to come up with an equally mess free way to eat.
Now I completely get that eating half naked isn’t for everyone! But since I’m environmentally conscious and firmly believe that less laundry means a smaller carbon footprint, Naked Breakfast was born. (snark is my love language. My carbon footprint is so big they had to build a new landfill just for my family)

Rule #1. You HAVE to wear panties/underwear/diapers. Peeing on my chairs is grounds for immediate dismissal.

Rule #2. No putting food on your man boobies and seeing if you can get it to stick.

Rule #3. Your sister isn’t going to eat all her food. Therefore, you can all come up with a Naked Breakfast Dance and the winner gets her leftovers. I’m the judge. And I can’t be swayed with promises of sharing.

Rule #4. Under no circumstances will food fighting be permitted. You will have to pick every.single.piece up. By yourself. While I watch and smile.

Rule #5. Naked Breakfast stays at our house. You can’t just assume your friends parents will be cool with this at sleepovers. And I can assure you that Cracker Barrel won’t think your little brown belly’s are as cute as I do.

Naked Breakfast may come back to bite me in the booty, but for now…it’s what works for me!

*ps – no Magen. John and I don’t participate in this!! Kids under the age of 6 only 🙂