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John, Brooks and Poppy went to the pond yesterday morning and caught some lunch for us! Brooks was over the top excited and John said he kept saying “this is just the best day!”. He also sat waiting for fish to bite while singing praise and worship. My little Jesus juker 🙂
I’m so glad that my boys get to make memories with their dad and grandpa. Just another reason why I love living in Bristow!
The cleaning fish process absolutely grosses me out. Especially when John lets them touch everything. I was asked multiple times if they could eat the eyes and was disgusted that we were even having that conversation. sigh

I guess these count as good summer memories and I’m glad that I get to watch them have fun. But all fun ceases tomorrow because school starts back up! I’m so ready to get back on a schedule!! (my whole family just had a mini heart attack because I’m not a schedule person)
I have a 1st grader and a Kindergardener this year. Totally doesn’t seem possible! We met their teachers last night and it’s going to be a great year for both of them.
(Which reminds me that I’ve got to find some t-shirts that don’t have holes in them for the first day pictures. This could take the rest of the day!)

Happy Wednesday y’all! Enjoy the cooler weather and go to church tonight. Unless you are baptist and can “worship on the boat at the lake” or “in the quiet of my car as I’m driving to the restaurant because it’s less crowded during church times”.

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