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Today is the first day of school for Brooks and Wake! I was under the impression that Finley would be in Pre-K this year, but the age cut off is in September and she won’t be 4 till November. I would’ve known this had I actually read the form that they sent home. But no. That would be entirely too easy! I called up to the school and begged them to take her, but apparently they don’t care that my trips to Target would be way easier with 2 kids instead of 3. Obviously they haven’t been to Target with the Tidwells!

Last night as I was getting the backpacks together and making sure everyone had the right amount of glue sticks, I found a bottle of Elmer’s glue that had exploded in Wake’s backpack. It was midnight and I threw a hissy fit about it. Poor John! I was throwing boxes of crayons and pencils everywhere and I’m pretty sure I called Mr. Elmer a name that can’t be repeated. John was calmly trying to tell me that it’s just washable glue and that everything will be ok, but I grabbed my purse and headed to The Wal-Marts. I loathe that place anyway, but at midnight..it’s just downright sad. There are people walking around that have no business being out of their house, let alone in a public place! (I made a SocialCam video about it)

I got back home with the replacement supplies and John had already cleaned everything up and had it all laying out. I took it personally, like he was secretly trying to prove to me that he was way better because he managed to save everything from utter ruin. He accused me of acting like a dork. whatever

Part of my new life plan is to have all the kids wake up at the same time and get ready for the day together. Sit down for breakfast without fighting and just enjoy a slow morning.
Yeah. That didn’t happen today. Loch was up all night with the croup, I burned the snot outta my fingers pulling biscuits out of the oven (I can’t bend my first and middle fingers. Apologies ahead of time if it looks like I’m giving you the bird. Thank God for my iPhone thumbs!) and I left the middle 2 sleeping because I’m planning on taking a morning nap. Since I’ve been up all night long.

My boys were so excited to get out the door this morning! I’m partial but I think they are looking very dapper.

The house is quiet and my fingers are throbbing and permanently stained from the mustard, so I think I’m gonna go curl up on the couch, watch another episode of 30 Rock, finish my 3rd cup of coffee and take a nap.

I also like run on sentences.

The end.