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My poor sweet baby is miserable! I thought we had a bad case of teething but it looks like its a case of double ear infections and the croup. Bless his little heart! Loch weighs 28 lbs now and let me tell ya, my arms should look like Michelle Obama’s. Holy cow! Holding that mess all night long and then all day..whew! I don’t need the arm workout routine I pinned on Pinterest anymore. Oh, and I’m trying to bring back the no make-up, disheveled hair and husband tee look. I think I’ve officially shown that it can be rocked.

Finley and John Bridge are very into the morning school routine right now. She is upset she didn’t get to go to school, so I went a bought a pre-k workbook. Today was the first day of school at home. Not homeschool. Completely different. (let me have this one. I said I never would do this!)


A “pack-pack” is very important to John Bridge. He wears it around the house all the time! Bless his heart. It doesn’t matter at all how it looks or if he put it on right, just as long as its on his back. Love him!


My burn is some better. Mustard and honey…who would’ve thought! I am a huge fan of natural medicine and am thankful for friends who tell me what to do. I also like feeling like a pioneer woman. Loch was one night away from an onion poultice and medicine woman dance routine! I’m thankful that I am starting to be able to bend my finger and my hopes of being a concert cellist aren’t completely dashed.

Ok, well I’m off to go make some more laundry detergent and hopefully get the house picked up. It looks like Sanford and Sons up in here!

(oh and Happy Birthday Mom/Mimi!!)