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Someone replaced my ornery 2 year old with a first year frat boy! He dressed himself to go to the store with Daddy and I about fell over when he came out in this. So stinking precious! He also had on Brooks flip flops which are about 4 sizes too big. Killing me with the cuteness!

Finley was up all night with an ear infection. It’s crazy how fast this stuff moves thru a family! Naturally John can’t hear a single thing that happens after he falls asleep, but I’m really good at standing over him with a crying kid until he wakes up. (Although, I tried to wake him the other night and he swung at me.) Apparently the guy like his beauty rest! At one point I had not one, but three of the littles crying and wanting to be held and he somehow managed to “sleep right thru it”. Yeah. Ok. Sure.

Speaking of that guy….he’s in the hot seat because I got a call from our friend Tara yesterday around 3:45.
T -“hey girl! Just wanted to let you know that no one has picked up your boys yet.”
Me – “WHAT?! Are you kidding me? John was supposed to pick them up. Ugggghhh. I have sleeping, sick kids. Let me try and call him.”
T – ” I tried but got his voicemail. It’s ok. I have them with me and will just let them play with my boys until someone gets here.”
Me – “I’m so sorry! I promise someone will be there to pick them up ASAP.”
have mercy
It’s the second day of school. second! I’m already on edge because we kinda had a run in with one of the upper ups in the education dept in Bristow. It involved a naked John Bridge, front yard, Rufus and a possible call to DHS. You know, just a typical day at our house! Now I’m afraid to even dress the kids in the same shorts 2 days in a row, let alone forgetting to pick them up from school!
Help me Jesus!!

Speaking of Jesus…woke up to no electricity this morning because of the storms we got last night! Thank you Jesus for the rain! I’m a little sad I can’t take a shower because the water pressure from the well is non existent, but at least we got some rain. We needed it so bad!

Speaking of bad…Finley might be the absolute worst sick person I’ve ever come in contact with. Have mercy! She is drama anyways, but this just intensifies it. Ear aches are not her idea of fun and she will let anyone know that. “Mommy I’m gonna be sick FOREVER!”.

Speaking of knowing things…did you know that when the electricity is out, you can’t turn on cartoons immediately when a certain 2 year old wakes up? He has a routine that he follows every.single.morning and was quite perturbed when it didn’t happen according to schedule today.

Speaking of today….I have a surprise birthday party, a baby shower and something else I’m forgetting that I have to go to today. (The something else I’m forgetting part is probably the most important one.)

So in the spirit of already forgetting the most important thing today…I’m going to my in-loves to take a shower and drink a cup of coffee.

Stupid Keurig only running on electricity and not batteries.