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Long weekend for this momma! The 3 littles are still puny, but thankfully they aren’t as bad as before. Summer colds are way worse than winter colds!

If you watched my social cam yesterday, you know that I stayed home from church with the kids. I think that’s only the 3rd time I’ve missed church for sickness since we’ve been married! I hate missing church! All God things aside, it’s the 3 times a week I look forward to actually fixing my hair and interacting with adult humans. Being a stay at home mom is tough sometimes! Last night my mother in love stayed with the sickies and I was able to go to night church. I needed it! My hair freaked out when I started fixing it. I posted this pic on instagram and said “Farrah called. She wants her hair back!”
Y’all. It was huge!

I have a monstrous pile of laundry waiting for me today. Trying to hold babies and load a washing machine is not exactly my idea of fun, so I’ve been putting it off. As well as the vacuuming and bed making. (ok I lied. I rarely make our bed. I’m just going to get back in it in like 12 hours! Not John’s favorite quality about me)

Brooks is really into building things outside right now. He goes out, grabs tools from the garage and starts in on a project. This weekend it was making a tent for them to camp in. Wake likes to help and Brooks is usually really nice about putting up with his lack of “skills”. Dancing and costume making skills? He’s got that. Outdoor, über manly skills? Still working on those.



Nothing like a tent made out of old sheets and blankets, held together by moving straps and long screws. What can I say…he’s creative!

It is absolutely gorgeous outside today and I’m fixing to take the kids out and let the fresh air do a number on their sick little selves.

Happy Monday y’all!