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I took a week break from blogging and it’s been nice to catch up on things around the house and my neglected Netflix account.
I am just now starting Lost ( like 9 years behind the rest of the world) and somehow have managed to not know a dang thing about that island. I also don’t know who Rachel ended up with on the last Friends episode. How I have managed to avoid that one is beyond me. And I promise you I will go Madea on you if you tell me the ending!
Anyway, Lost is completely responsible for making me bite my nails off again and I put on FB yesterday that I wish I could find a show that would make me lose my waist line!

I’m so ready for the fall tv schedule to start back up again. Revenge, The Middle, Raising Hope, Up All Night….wow I watch a lot of tv! (In my defense, I watch them off Hulu when the kids go to bed or are napping.)


Love this picture of the 4 littles from the weekend. John was doing the usual night time prayer and they were giving him their “add-on’s”. He says the prayer and they can add-on anyone or anything else they want to. Usually cute and sometimes scary what they come up with!

My sister (or Crazy, as my kids call her) came down this weekend for a quick visit and we always love it when she comes. The kids especially because she is the perfect aunt. Brings them presents, sneaks them candy, plays with them outside and watches endless movies with them. She’s pretty awesome in my book!

The natives are starting to stir and breakfast isn’t close to being ready, so I’m off to finish that before they start a mutiny.

Happy Tuesday y’all!