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1. Bambi is still sad no matter how many times you watch it.

2. Baby shampoo is really hard to get out of carpet. Especially when it is the whole bottle.

3. Saran Wrap doesn’t work as toilet paper. It will also cause you to have a coronary while trying to stop the toilet from overflowing. (things you never thought you would have to explain as wrong to a 3 year old.)

4. Pickles count as a healthy, balanced breakfast.

5. Talking about mom dying all the time is a direct result of the said Bambi movie.

6. The diaper that happens right after eating deodorant? Not at all a fresh, inviting smell. Note to self : there are some smells that even Old Spice can’t cover up.

7. Starting Lost has ruined my life. I have no desire to do anything but see if they make it off the dang island!

8. Using a baby wipe as make up remover is bound to catch up with me sooner or later. Unless they start to make anti aging baby wipes. Note to self : check into patent on ageless baby wipes. Would make a killing.

9. Having to ask your 6,5 and 2 year old boys to take off your heels and put them back in your closet isn’t covered by any chapters in the Baby Wise books. (I’ve already checked.)

10. There is use in crying over spilled milk. Especially when it happens on your clean carpet and it’s strawberry flavored.