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“It is more fun to talk with someone who doesn’t use long, difficult words but rather short, easy words like “What about lunch?”
― A.A. Milne, Winnie-the-Pooh

Big John drove us 3 hours out of our way yesterday, just so I could rub all over that cute pregnant belly up there! Robin (or RoRo as Julie so affectionately named her) is literally about to pop with my precious nephew Hayden. It broke my heart to leave her yesterday because we all know how much I love all things birthing related and I had convinced myself that surprising her at lunch would result in an immediate showing up of said sweet boy.

no such luck

I told her that the next time I come out there, I get to be selfish and hold him the entire time. Which means in October, I will be singing a concert with a baby strapped to my chest. There is NO WAY I’m putting him down. I will go lifetime movie baby stalker crazy and no one wants that. (except me)

Can you tell I have major baby fever?

Julie and Jennifer couldn’t make the surprise Robin into labor lunch, so I dug thru until I found an old picture so they wouldn’t think we threw them out of the group. I missed Julie something fierce! John and I went to Jen’s work and surprised her there, which is always fun for me. She could either be so excited to see us that she cries and hugs, or so mad that we didn’t tell her and blows up our car. Thankful it was the crying this time!

I could write pages about the love I have for these girls, but that would make my thumbs cramp up because I’m typing this on my phone. I would also be a hot mess of tears and then all the cars passing me would think John was kidnapping me or something. (I should probably take down the “help me! My husband is singing the Cathedrals circa 1990 really loud and it’s annoying me!” sign I put up in the back window)

I wish I could’ve seen all the people I love in the Boro, but we were literally only there for a few hours.

I’m trying to convince John to do a bible study/ hang out when we are out there in October so we could see everyone. Let me know if you would want to come, or if that is a stupid idea. My brain is full of southern gospel songs and I’ve heard that they are trying to prove that listening to copious amounts of quartet music in your 20’s leads to brain fog and early life crisis. I’ve obviously been asked to be part of the study.

John is currently trying to sing bass and I’m fixing to come in on the tenor part and scare the poopy outta him.

if we wreck and die….I love y’all!!