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Dear Brooks,

7 years ago today, you made me a mom! Even though I was prepared and ready for you to be here, it still was scary for me. Your dad was gone and trying his best to get back before you showed up! He made it (having not slept for like 27 hours) and so did you.
We were both in awe of your cute little self and you were the first baby your dad had ever held!

I loved to kiss all over your little cheeks!

These 7 years have been so fun. You are growing up too fast and sometimes I wish I could slow it down! I love getting to see you grow into the man God created you to be and I love that you still want to curl up in my lap and snug.
You are such a big helper with the younger kids and they look up to you so much!



You have become quite the fisherman since we’ve moved to Oklahoma. Last night, we fried up the fish you caught with Dad and Big Steve! I think you ate at least 6 pieces!
You want an ax and a bb gun for your birthday…both things that scare your mom to death. I’ve left it up to your dad, so no telling if you will get them or not. I secretly think he wants you to have them so I will have a heart attack!


I love you my first baby! I’m so glad I get to be your mom.

Happy birthday!!!