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Brooks had a great birthday yesterday! He got a BB gun from mom and dad, an ax from his Mamee, a tent from Poppy and Ooma and $ from the other grandparents! He was in little boy heaven.

Here is the birthday boy with his new OU sweatshirt from Mimi and Daddy Bruce :


And again with his new BB gun! He couldn’t wait to shoot it, so some back porch night time shooting was in order.


While the birthday boy and his brother were in school, the littles and I went to Midwest City to have lunch with Mimi. (my mom)
Some Christian Chicken was in order and we had the whole play place to ourselves!






I was fairly confident that Finley would get her lips stuck in the little holes on that car and had mentally prepared myself for the drama, but it never happened. Which is a good thing for many reasons, but mainly because I don’t think I would be able to keep from laughing! John Bridge was surprisingly well behaved this trip, so it was a nice break for me.

Side note: bedtime has gotten better with everyone except John Bridge. He is still falling asleep for about 3 hours and then waking up hollering and ready to start the day. And this goes on for hours!! Night before last, he was up every 2 hours. Last night he actually got up and propped a shoe in front of the bedroom door so it wouldn’t close and played with the toys. He’s fully awake because I can ask him to go get me a diaper and he will. He hollers (I need to get it on video so you can hear the insanity) and wants milk. I only gave him a cup before bed last night and refused to get him any more during the night.
I’m running out of ideas!!!!!!!


Today I have a hair appt and still can’t decide what to get done to this nappy mess. My hair is so long right now and I love it, but it’s starting to get out of control!
My hairstyle board on Pinterest is overflowing with awesome styles that I’m too scared to try, but I’m in love with. I just need y’all to tell me which one to get!!

The caption for this one says “perfect for a round face” which I have. But it’s really short!

I’ve been begging for bangs for years now and my SIL won’t give them to me because she knows I won’t fix them. Ugh.

I absolutely love this! And the color. But I think John would stroke out if I colored my hair!

I have a girl crush on Jessica Simpson. And her shoes. And her pocketbooks. And her dresses.

I obviously have a thing for celebrity hair! I wish Mandy Moore would just move next door to me and be my new best friend. She is so precious!

Now that your eyes have started bleeding because of the sheer amount of pictures in this post, I’m going to go wash the make-up off my face from yesterday (don’t judge) and fix the littles some breakfast. And maybe do a load or 7 of laundry.