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A year ago today, my life changed for what I thought was the worst.

My trust was shattered.

My family was broken.

My husband was severely damaged and struggling.

My life as I knew it, was completely over.

But my God is greater.

He allowed us to walk thru the valley of the shadow of death, and not live in fear.
He brought us out of oppression and darkness and sent us to a place of healing.
He gave me more than I could bear, so I would trust Him more.

I watched the man that I love, who was living moment by moment, show me grace that was undeserved.
I watched him struggle.
I watched him cry.
I watched him fall on his face before God and beg for help.
I watched him try to understand.

I watched him forgive

My journey is day to day.
One that I picture looking like a baby learning how to walk. Getting all excited because of the freedom in realizing the whole world is open to you when you take that first step.

Only to find out that it takes work to keep taking them.

It is painful and embarrassing when you fall down.
When you start crying for no reason.
When you have to admit you can’t do it on your own.

I’m so thankful for my husband who is always there to hold me when I think I can’t take another step.
I’m thankful for girlfriends who drop what they are doing and pray for me when I need it.
I’m thankful for family who is understanding and supportive.
I’m thankful for a church family that has gathered around us and shown us what it means to be the bride of Christ. Loved and cherished.

What I thought was meant for evil, God has turned into so much Joy!
Even in the dark nights and painful revelations, God is there.
When I think I can’t even walk into the next minute, God is there.
When my own sin and self loathing try to consume me, God is there.

He will never leave me or forsake me!

even in the valley, God is good…