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“Go back then, a little way to the choice mercies of yesterday, and though all may be dark now, light up the lamps of the past, and they shall glitter thru the darkness, and you shall trust in the Lord until the day breaks and the shadows flee away.” – Charles Spurgeon.

(My dear friend Kathryn sent me this gem last year and it is one of my most treasured possessions.)

Yesterday was spent rejoicing in the day break!
I kept myself busy and avoided things that I know are triggers for me. John did little honey do’s around the house and pretty much just stayed available. I love that he understands what I need more than I do!
I wept while reading all the encouraging FB/twitter and blog comments. I literally felt all of the love and prayers for us! There is nothing like knowing you have friends all across the world interceding for you and your family.

We spent the weekend working on the garage and backyard. (Trying to make it more hang out friendly and we both needed to keep ourselves busy)
I had some party lights that I wanted to hang from the tree and he was so patient as I tried to “explain” my vision.
I think it turned out really cute!


Next up are some Pinterest pallet couches and to finish the fire pit. I totally see us having backyard acoustic worship this fall!
Thankful for the cooler nights we have been having and the promise of all things fall coming up!