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Wednesday is John’s “driving miss daisy” day. His grandmother (Mamee) gets her hair done every Wednesday and then she goes to the bank, grocery store and Pizza Hut. He loves this special one on one time with her and usually takes one of the kids to ride with him.

Yesterday was Fin’s day.

She loves dressing herself and lipstick is a must right now. I think we have gone thru 3 tubes of it in the last month. The chick can rock a Joker face!
After filling her purse with a bunch of random things she found around the house, she waved bye and ran out the door.

Thank goodness it was only with her daddy cause I can already tell I’m gonna have a stroke when she starts dating. (which shouldn’t be anytime soon with the ungodly amounts of lipstick she uses)
Sausage, green peppers and onions is her favorite pizza and as it turns out, it’s Mamee’s too. They share a personal pan and I’m sure bore John to death with their girlyness.

I love that John is willing to take one of the kids and work quality time with them into his already busy day. I know that it wouldn’t be the same if he had a “9-5” job. (Which I take for granted more often than not.)

She came home glowing and feeling very grown up, which is totally worth the price of a new tube of lipstick. Thankfully I’ve learned my lesson on that and quit buying the expensive stuff. E.L.F. brand from Target is perfect for her little Tammy Faye Baker self! I swear the child would be full on make-up artist in her room if I would let her.
I’m thinking about dying to myself and letting her give me a makeover. Which of course will have pictures to follow. (Cause she is that good.)
Honey Boo Boo who?! 🙂

Remember my bestie who is ready to pop?!
Well, today is the day!!!
Hayden Bray should be making his grand entrance sometime today and I’m so excited! John caught me tearing up in the kitchen last night because I can’t be there. Not that I would do any good, but I’m that girl. I find my spot in the waiting room and set up house!
I’ve been up off and on all night praying and can’t wait till I get the text that says “he’s here!”.

Ok. I’m hearing the natives start to stir and considering they out number me, I better have breakfast ready before they stage an attack.
Happy Thursday!