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Dear Wake,

This morning after I finished your hair, I asked you to give me your best smile…and this is what we got.


Last night, you gave your life to Jesus!

Daddy and I were sitting on the couch talking and you snuck in. We started to get upset because it was almost 10pm, but you quickly hopped on Dad’s lap and said “dad, I want to be a Christian!” He has been putting you off for a while because he wanted you to be able to explain why you needed Jesus in your heart and last night you identified with your need and took ownership of your sin. Dad asked you what sin was and you said : “it’s all the bad things I’ve done”. There is no arguing with that!
Sweet boy, you have such a tender heart that has always been bent towards God, but now you are fully His! I’m not only your mom, but now I’m your sister!
Brooks got in on the action and we all rejoiced in your new life.
I’m sure we will have several more nights of realizing sin over the course of your life, but in the best way your little 5 year old self knew how to do, you surrendered it all on our couch and are just as saved as your Dad and I!


This is something your Daddy and I have been praying for since before you were born! Every night, we pray that you guys would grow up to be the men and women that God created you to be!

I love you and can’t wait to see how God is going to use you to further His Kingdom!